I’ve wanted to get in the habit of writing more, so I’m taking some inspiration from old school blogs and sharing some things I've recently enjoyed.

Enjoy your weekend!

[Music] Spectrum by Max Cooper

I'm very into synthesizer centric music. I'm also into music that creates a sonic landscape: that feeling that a piece of audio art is being built around you, and you get to sit back and take it all in. This song by Max Cooper nails that. Put on some good headphones, relax, and give it a listen. It made me want to stop what I was doing and make some music.

[Reading] You Are More Than Just Your Job

If I could, I’d tell my younger self to resist letting what job I have (or don’t have) dominate my identity. - You Are More Than Just Your Job

I appreciate and echo the sentiment that Jenna Discher shares in the above article. After my last few years of health surprises, I've learned that allowing any singular piece of my identity to become overly dominant risks an identity crisis when there's an unexpected shock.

[Reading] Get Numb Before You Get Good

Perhaps you’ve attempted to write a blog, or you’ve taken up knitting and are loath to post pictures of your first pair of socks online, or you dread your first pitch meeting and have over-prepped over the weekend. Or perhaps you were like I was: you’d gotten comfortable in your job, and without realising it you had neglected the fear of doing new things for a bit. - Get Numb Before You Get Good

Doing anything for the first time is difficult, and that difficulty can prevent us from trying or continuing. It's easy to have unreasonable expectations and be disappointed when our early attempts are not as good as we'd like (or as good as someone else's). I like Cedric Chin's advice to "get numb first" - to just focus on doing - and then worry about getting good.