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Posts tagged with: python

Prototyping a PDF Chatbot from Scratch

October 2023

Django Command for FIT files

May 2023

Notes on using PyInstaller, poetry, and pyenv

May 2023

Mocking an imported module-level function in Python

June 2021

newbird: a theme for pelican

November 2020

Scraping pages behind login forms

November 2020

Asynchronous Scraping with Python

October 2016

Visualizing the 2015 NL Cy Young Race

November 2015

Cohort Analysis with Python

August 2015

Web Scraping 201: finding the API

February 2015

[Talk] Translating SQL to pandas

December 2014

Scraping Craigslist for sold out concert tickets

July 2014

Using pandas on the MovieLens dataset

October 2013

Working with DataFrames

October 2013

Intro to pandas data structures

October 2013

How random is JavaScript's Math.random()?

June 2013

More web scraping with Python (and a map)

April 2013

Web Scraping 101 with Python

March 2013

Translating SQL to Pandas, Part 1

January 2013